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We didn’t side with the adjuster.

When a sinkhole opened under Fred & Karen’s home, it caused extensive damage inside and out. The largest expense was stabilizing the home and filling the hole – more than $45,000.

The adjuster said their insurance would only pay $20,000. Chris called the insurance company to argue otherwise.

When it was all said and done – the insurance company ponied up and paid the bill to repair the home the right way.

Is your insurance agent really your insurance agent?

We deliver…
claim checks and dinner out!

Mark lives along a busy highway. A collision accident between a tractor trailer and cement truck just feet from his house caused a large fire. That fire filled his home with smoke rendering it unsafe for his family to stay there.

Our team was on the scene in less than 30 minutes, a hotel room reserved in less than an hour, and by 5pm the same day, Mark had the first claim check in hand for incidentals and dinner out on us.

Extraordinary to some, but business as usual for us.

Special Delivery!

Dale was using his lunch break run an errand and renew his truck registration. Nearing the end of his 20-minute drive, he realized that he had forgotten his insurance card.

Frustrated that he may be late getting back to work, Dale called us and spoke with Alecia. He explained the situation, began asking us to send his insurance card to his PennDot Agent but then realized he did not have their email for fax number.

Alecia told Dale not to worry. She then called his destination, got an email address, and sent off the needed insurance card. When Dale arrived, his insurance card was already on their counter and he was able to get back to work on schedule.

No horsing around.

Lester & Irene live along a quiet country road but on one particular day, it became the scene of a high-speed police chase. The assailant drove through Lester & Irene’s property, taking out a fence which contained 20 goats, four llamas, and two horses.

The insurance company said they would not pay for the damaged fence because their policy does not cover farm pasture fences.

Jenn knew the company was correct but also knew the policy would provide coverage if the fence was used as a pen or corral. After a quick call to Lester to confirm the purpose of the fence, Jenn called the adjuster, pointed out the facts, and got the fence paid in full.